Please read these "Terms of Use" carefully if you are considering the use of any materials, services or information displayed on the Buildviet.info.
1. Buildviet.info is a new generation online platform, a consulting service that assists in sharing information on basic goods and services as well as market trends. User shares, reviews and suggestions are a source of feedback that helps manufacturers and service providers improve the quality of their products and services, while fostering business partnerships.
2. Users can provide and exchange information in the form of text, images, sounds or other forms of content representation, on internet platforms, telecommunications networks, and on Buildviet.info applications, except for the prohibited content as stipulated by current law.
3. Information provided by Buildviet.info and third parties (users, Buildviet.info partners) is part of an advisory service. The information is for reference only, users consider the authenticity and decide how to use this information best suited to their needs
4. Buildviet.info holds all copyrights and other intellectual property rights of Buildviet.info when providing the service. Use of Buildviet.info rights and ownership must be pre-authorized in writing by Buildviet.info.
5. Users can introduce their own services and products on the Buildviet.info system and take responsibility for the information they provide.
6. The User allows other users the right to re-use the information posted by him, with or without citation
7. Users are responsible for all their transactions with third parties in the course of using the Buildviet.info service.
8. Buildviet.info always respects the safety, privacy, and interests of all members using the service, especially children. We recommend that it is the responsibility of users to review and determine what content is appropriate for their child.
9. User information (including personal information, login time, logout, password, IP address) is committed to confidentiality. The collection and use of each member's information can only be performed with the consent of that member, unless otherwise provided by law.
10. Buildviet.info requires individuals when registering to use members to provide accurate personal information and be responsible for the legality of such information. Buildviet.info is not responsible for nor resolves all claims related to the interests of that user if it considers that the personal information provided in the initial registration is inaccurate.
11. To meet the needs of users, Buildviet.info continuously develops and improves services. The specified terms can be updated, revised and will be published.
12. When accessing and using the services on Buildviet.info by any means (computer, phone, television, internet-connected device, etc.), the user agrees to comply with the terms of use.
We reserve the right to change these Terms of Use at any time without prior notice to you. We will update additional modified versions of the Terms of Use on the page for you to follow.
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