On January 1, 2021, all three important laws on investment and business, namely the 2020 Investment Law, the 2020 Enterprise Law and the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) form of Investment Law, took effect.

In early January 2020, the leadership of Tra Vinh province awarded a decision on investment for the project of high-tech pharmaceutical zone TV. Pharm with scale, design capacity of 1.5 billion pills / year, total initial investment of 650 billion VND.

Cienco4 consortium was selected as the investor of Dien Chau - Bai Vot Expressway Project.

The Tuyen Quang - Phu Tho expressway investment and construction project connecting with Noi Bai - Lao Cai expressway using public investment capital will be implemented from 2021 to 2023.

Currently, in the face of scarcity of land funds in cities, constantly increasing prices, prolonged legal procedures, overloaded infrastructure ..., businesses’ diverting to invest in new lands to find opportunities hasbecome the trend of the market.

The National Economics University will be the first university to provide formal university training for the market management force.

The Ministry of Planning and Investment was assigned to appraise the project of Sa Pa airport in the province of Lao Cai.

Soc Trang will develop the town of Nga Nam to be worthy of a key urban area.