The difficulty caused by the present Covid-19 once again proves the important role of agriculture. In the first 9 months of the year, with a growth rate of 2.93%, the growth rate of agriculture was higher than that of industry and services. Export of agriculture, forestry, fishery and seafood decreased slightly compared to last year, but still reached over 40 billion USD. During the crisis, the prices of many major agricultural products remained high, with many good crops and good prices. This is a success that no industry has. As such, agriculture still proves to be a very strong support for the economy in difficult circumstances. Agriculture has protected not only the individual rural household, but also the economy.

Investment in agriculture has flourished in recent years, with the emergence of a number of "giants" investing in high-tech agriculture, building large-scale agricultural processing factories. Although a strong wave has not formed yet, because the country's main force of enterprises - small and medium-sized enterprises - has not participated much in this field, but this is also a positive sign of attracting investment in agriculture.

In the context of the world economic crisis caused by epidemics, not only Vietnamese enterprises but also world business people are adjusting their investment orientations. In the future, investment tends to focus more on the real economy, the green economy. Therefore, agriculture is still the direction and destination of many future investors. With an open investment strategy, planning, and investment environment, there is no reason not to have more domestic and foreign investors participating in this field. In the world, many countries get rich through agriculture, such as the Netherlands (growing flowers, raising cows), Israel (growing fruit trees, vegetables) ... Many countries such as Australia, America, Korea ... have not forgotten either the strengths in agriculture ... when investing in developing farm economy. Vietnam has a natural advantage in agriculture. If we can mobilize the power of a large number of business forces, raise small farmers to an integrated large farm, we will be an agricultural power.

However, international lessons also show that enterprises play a decisive role in the development of industry and services, but enterprise-based agricultural production is not the only path.

In fact, in many successful developed economies in Northeast Asia, Northern Europe ..., farmers themselves are linked together in the structure of cooperatives, farmers' associations and associations, empowered by the State, taking the role of the leader in agriculture. Farmers actually own their own organizations, the State provides funding to the farmer's organizations and gives them the right to manage all stages of agricultural production.

Vietnamese farmers have played a key role in defending the country, pioneering in economic innovation, being a pillar in the process of industrialization, so they will completely be able to take control of their own destiny, successfully addressing the most difficult issues in the market, science - technology, natural disasters, epidemics, which now have to rely on the help of other subjects.