One of the biggest challenges for digital transformation in the healthcare sector is in infrastructure at many medical centers.

The medical system in Vietnam comprises many levels, while the labor force and equipment for each level are different. With such challenges, it requires great effort from every unit.

Health centers need to have electronic medical records, lab data, diagnostic imaging data and other data related to patients.

According to the Ministry of Health, Vietnam is striving for a new hospital model, called the “hospital with three nos – no paper, no queue, and no cash payment”.

Vietnam will also promote medical examinations from a distance so that everyone can access medical services via digital technology.

In the healthcare sector, digital transformation makes management more accurate, timely and effective.

The access to medical services has shifted from traditional to digital method, allowing quick access, anytime and anywhere.

It also affects the way of working and communications of medical workers. During the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to online consultation and treatment, many patients have been saved, according to the Vietnam Medical Association (VMA).

Source: Vietnamnet