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Message from the Chairman
22:46 | 6/8/2010

Dear readers and VACC members,

The Information System of the Vietnam’s Association Construction Contractors (VACC) has brought a new face, showing greater expectations of every member of the Association.

Over the past 10 years, VACC members have come so far to a new level. Vietnam’s economy in the context of reforms and international integration has opened borderless opportunities for the construction contractors. VACC has entered its third term with new requirement, which is to better meet the expectations of the building contractors, not only in the domestic market but also in the regional and international ones.

In the market economy integrating into the world, the Vietnamese contractors can demonstrate their capability and identity, have more opportunities to share, learn from other international partners to develop, and at the same time face growing competition.

Dear readers,

The strength of the Vietnamese contractors can be created professionally and strategically through the mutual support and sharing among themselves, also through solidarity with a common voice to create a level and sound playing field, and within a legal framework so as for the Government to best support the contractors in this competition.

The learning of experience, technology and solutions through friendship with the international partners is also a good approach for the Vietnamese contractors to increase their competitiveness. During the development process, the contractors will also need a forum to talk to each other, as well as to dialogue with their partners and the management agencies.

To meet this requirement, the modern system of information and publications (BuildVietInfo) of the Association, including a portal at www.buildviet.info or www.vacc.vn, and the new version of the Magazine Contractors and Construction Markets, has been upgraded to a new height. Through this system, VACC will provide value added services of information, communication, legal support and training to all the members of the Association and the construction businesses.

We look forward to the sharing and cooperation from all the readers.

Best regards,

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Khoa

Chairman of VACC