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Benefits of the members of VACC
16:46 | 18/7/2010
Members of VACC are able to:
a. Participate in General Meetings of the Association; discuss and vote on specific issues;

b. Nominate and be nominated to leadership positions of the Association;

c. Participate in special divisions and boards as well as domestic and abroad sub-ordinate organizations of the Association, and utilize those organizations for implementation of programs and plans within the responsible area of the member

d. Recommend and comment to the Association on the amendment, adjustment and revision of policies, incentives, and regulations concerning the production and trade activities.

e. Receive information and publications of the Association and utilize those information for disseminating and introducing about own organization to other domestic and international partners, within the country’s legislation;

f. Use the office and equipments and facilities of the Association for contacting and doing business with domestic and international organizations under the Vietnam’s legislation;

g. Receive helps from the Association for promoting construction activities domestically and internationally in accordance with legislation, including:

- Contacting with investors, traders, and businessmen domestically and internationally, in accordance with legislation.

- Surveying the markets and transactions, exchanging experiences in production and trade activities.

- Studying on legislations and relevant issues concerning the construction activities domestically and internationally, building relationships in construction contracting with international partners to promote export of technical workers, etc.

- Participating in exhibitions, conferences, workshops and trainings.

- Exchanging information and advertisements for disseminating products and materials as well as activities of the Vietnamese construction contractors.

- Requesting supports and helps from the VACC for protecting the legal rights of the member.

- Utilizing other services provided by VACC at discount rates.

- Receiving helps from VACC in specific conditions.

- Affiliates receive all the rights except for voting, nominating and being nominated to the Board of the Association.
Excerpted from the VACC’s Charter.