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VACC Charter in brief
17:31 | 22/7/2010
VACC Charter was issued in the Decision No. 76/2005/QD-BNV dated 03/08/2005 of the Ministry of Home Affairs.


The Vietnam’s Association of Construction Contractors (hereinafter referred to as the Association) is a volunteer professional and social organization of enterprises of all the economic sectors in the country who are licensed by the government to implement building projects and programs.

Scope of activities

The Association is located in Hanoi and has branches or representative offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang City and other localities, national and international as required and in accordance with the regulations and Law of Vietnam.

The legal status of associations

VACC operates under the law of Vietnam, under the patronage of the Ministry of Construction, the State management agency on construction of Vietnam.

The Association has legal status, separate seal and bank account.

Main activities of VACC

1. The Association activities are organized in accordance with its Charter approved by the relevant State agency, and should not be contrary to the applicable law; the Association was organized on the principle of voluntary, self-management, self-funding and self- responsible before the law.

Encourage enthusiasm and creativity of the members towards the exchange of experience, review and dissemination of scientific and technological advancement of engineering and construction in the organization and management of construction works to improve quality, labor productivity, quickly reaching the regional and international levels.

3. Provide r
ecommendations and suggestions for the State management agencies involved to develop regulations, construction management policies and bidding/tendering regulations consistent with Party and State advocations and the actual production business, contributing to the industrialization, modernization of the country, and at the same time to speed up the accumulation, growth of the construction contractors.

4. Provide a
dvice and information services on legal, economic and technical issues in construction and assembling, with focused information on prices and unit prices of different types of work; Publicly introduce the advanced construction technology and procedures appropriate to bring economic efficiency, as well as the type, technical standards of new materials, machinery, construction equipment.

Collect and process information about investment projects invested by the construction contractors in the territory in Vietnam as well as countries in the region, and the countries that alrady established cooperation relations. Promote cooperation among construction contractors in the production and business activity, equipment investment, construction of labour force, building material and technical basis for the effective construction and installation, consistent with regional and international levels, securing the implementation of the construction and installation contracts.

6. Timely g
rasp the development and major changes of world market, particularly in the Southeast Asia, focusing on economic and technology issues, application of technical advances in the organization, management of construction and installation, setting out effective measures for business to catch up, integrate with countries in the region and the world.

7. Maintain r
egular relationships with agencies, organizations, and associations, national and international, to create favorable conditions for the development of the construction contractors as VACC members. Participate in the ASEAN Contractors Federation and the Asia-Pacific Constructors Association and international organizations when permitted by the relevant State management agency.

Support the training and practice at home and abroad, contributing to building forces to respond to the development of the construction industry according to the laws and regulations of the State.

Encourage and motivate members to keep conscience, ethics and professional responsibility to serve society's interests.

Act as the coordinating link between member businesses, promote joint ventures for mutual benefits.

Excerpted from the VACC’s Charter