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ASEAN Constructors Federation (ACF)
16:42 | 18/7/2010
The ASEAN Constructors Federation has been established since 30th May 1985 at its first congress meeting at Jakarta, Indonesia. ACF has presently had 6 members coming from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The purpose and objectives of ACF are:

a) To provide a forum for dialogue among the construction contractors in the ASEAN region through which to evolve a collective and more effective role for the construction industry in the economic development of the ASEAN region;

b) to foster closer co-operation among the construction contractors in the ASEAN region and thereby promote joint ventures and joint operations for enhancement of their construction contracting capabilities through complementation and/or supplementation;

c) to promote mutual consultation among construction contractors in the ASEAN region and thereby encourage exchange of information and know-how for improvement of construction technology and management, upgrading of construction labour skills and standards, and ultimately, advancement of the construction industry in the ASEAN region; and

d) to unify efforts of the construction contractors in the ASEAN region in promoting export of construction services to countries outside of the ASEAN region, and to pool resources, if necessary or desirable, to attain the goal;

ACF organizes annual general meeting where all the members meet and discuss important issues.

The leadership of ACF includes one Chairman, one Vice-Chairman, one General Secretary and one Cashier.

Members of ACF Council: Depending on the organization of ACF, there are 3 persons of each of the member country who are appointed for being members of ACF Council.

Members of the ACF (http://www.aseanconstructorsfederation.org/)

1. Indonesian Constructors Association (ICA)


2. Master Builders Association Malaysia (MBAM)


3. Philippines Constructors Association Inc. (PCA)


4. The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd. (SCAL)


5. Thai Contractors Association (TCA)


6. Vietnam Association of Construction Contractors