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Tower crane by KNF Heavy Industry
L-Type Tower crane

The luffing JIB crane of KNF336i series is designed for the construction sites at the center of the city and for skyscraper with the small turning radius and the maximum 400 m of lifting height.

The installation of JIB at the maximum height of 55m is available and the high TIP load of 55m / 3.5 tons and exact inverter control system iare the main features of KNF336i series.

The luffing JIB can rotate 360° with the load avoiding the obstacles near around as it can be raised up to maximum 85°.

It enables the installation and operation of several L type tower crane in the crowd space. The master section, telescopic gauge, cabin and hoist winch motor can be commonly used with T type tower crane.

- Possible to take control of every operation with state of the art Inverter Control System
- By using slip-ring power supply system, the function prevents power cable tangled
- Using super drum that enables to work up to the height of 400m(1Fall)
- Centralized monitoring & control system through a wide color LCD monitor

1. Maximum H.U.H : L type 400m(1Fall), T type 250m

2. Longest overhang : 45.5m(T type)

3. Adopted Hoist Motor made by Siemens and Hoist Reducer made by FLENDER in Germany.

4. Possible to take control of every operation with state-of-the-art Inverter Control System.

5. Centralized Monitoring & Control System through a Wide Color LCD Monitor.
- Function to add up the total time of operation a T/C.
(keeps a record of operation for fifteen day's- enable to check out the Over-time by saving the hour of operation and adequate load)
- Enable to calculate possible load to lift up according to the length of Jib.
- Indicates the operating condition on LCD Monitor (checks the gear, the direction of operation)
- Function to check up whether or not Inverter System has something wrong with it. (self-inspection function) it can indicate operating condition like input, output, RPM, Voltage and Electric Current etc.

6. Greatly enhanced Stability & Safety by Bolting on two mast with 12 mast bolts.

7. Secure the View of operator wide
(luxurious First-Class Cabin with Curved shape in front, equipped with cooling-heating system.)

8. Manual is installed explaining about the Specification of a Motor, Reducer, Brake.

9. Hoist Winch
- By a winch with a Reverse Drum, Using Super Drum that enables to work up to the height of 400m.
- Automatically check the period of change of lining of Brake and the limit of abrasion.

10. By using slip-ring power supply system, the function prevents power cable tangled

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