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Ecobuild Southeast Asia 2016: An Ideal Place to Meet All Your Sustainable Construction Needs

15:39 | 22/2/2016 |  0 Feedback
Ecobuild Southeast Asia with its comprehensive showcase of sustainable construction products and solutions will be held on 12-14 April 2016 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Malaysia.
Themed “Driving Productivity in Construction”, it will be hosted by the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) Malaysia and held in conjunction with the International Construction Week (ICW) 2016.

The Construction Industry Transformation Programme (CITP) Malaysia had been launched in September 2015. The CITP is a comprehensive implementation plan that encompasses four strategic thrusts, namely, Quality Safety and Professionalism, Environment Sustainability, Productivity and Internationalisation. This year, ICW 2016 and Ecobuild SEA will be part of this programme by bringing together corporations and industry experts to share and learn from the cutting-edge technologies developed in the construction of buildings and infrastructure in a sustainable manner.

Ecobuild SEA 2016 is co-located with events such as the Industrialised Building System Housing Expo (IHE), CIDB IEM Construction Career Fair 2016, Ecolight Asia 2016 and Solar Asia 2016 all under one roof. These will bring in the latest design, equipment, material and technology on sustainable building and renewable energy, and at the same time deliver a top-class panel of renowned speakers and panellists at the Conference, Seminars and Technology Symposium. What’s more, it is enriched by competitions; Competition Arena of Youth, MyCity 2020, Rebuild It Green, Malaysia Icon Lego competition, Open Ideas Competition, International Highest Early Strength Self-Consolidating Concrete Cube Competition and IEM Mechanical Design Competition.

Ecobuild Southeast Asia 2015 showcases over 100 companies from various countries, including the UK, China, the Middle East, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. The event attracts 10,498 trade visitors worldwide, among whom top visitors are building contractors, ministry/government representatives, engineers, consultants and developers.

Ecobuild is modelled from Ecobuild UK and is organised by UBM Malaysia. Come and join us in planting the seeds for the greener future. For more information, kindly contact (603) 2176 8788, email ecobuild-sea@ubm.com or visit www.ecobuildsea.com.

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