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Vietnam’s Association of Construction Contractors
Member of the ASEAN Constructors Federation (ACF)

Buildvietinfo - Effective communication services to contractors

BuildVietInfo, the information system of Vietnam’s Association of Construction Contractors (VACC), would like to express to you our best regards.

BuildVietInfo, with its monthly magazine and a portal at and, has been upgraded in terms of design and contents in order to present and promote the capacity of construction and construction-related firms (i.e. real estate, banking, finance, insurance, etc.). BuildVietInfo bolster the cooperative ties that bind domestic contractors for mutual support and benefits firmly founded on the principles of fair competition, equality and mutual development.

With an aim to ensure best communication and information services to construction and construction-related firms, BuildVietInfo commits to provide and offer the most modern and excellent communication solutions. Apart from our fixed service packages for your choice, tailor-made services are also available, taking into account firms’ specific and unique requirements, aiming to facilitate your business strategies or market access tactics, with the following services:

- Day-to-day communication consultancy;
- Consultancy and implementation of communication activities for firms’ capacity and achievement promotion;
- Consultancy and implementation of communication activities for firms’ products promotion;
- Consultancy for firms’ participation in exhibitions, workshops, related to construction industry, inside and outside Vietnam;
- Consultancy, design, formulation and promotion of brand development;
- Consultancy, design and implementation of high-quality communication services, for external objectives and for sales (including TVC production, 3D video, newsletter design and printing, etc.);
- Consultancy to access to and receive regional and global-level certificates, awards;
- Consultancy and granting access for those who would like to join VACC.

Well equipped with widespread networking and effective communication tools, focusing on specialized issues conducted by leading experts to target the most potential clients, BuildVietInfo will be a reliable communication and information partner, bringing to you the most efficient and suitable services and products.

Vietnamese contractors aim to construct an image of a new, modern and civilized Vietnam. BuildViet aims to construct an image of a professional, highly-qualified Vietnamese contractors.

Below are the detailed descriptions on specific services provided by BuildVietInfo

1. Day-to-day communication consultancy:

  • Monthly/weekly bulletins on construction markets and on fundamental information;
  • Advise for and organization of, at short notice, communication works for unexpected events (including press release, press conference and press review);
  • Support PR campaigns for planned events on VACC's information system.

2. Promotion of firms’ activities and achievements on VACC's information system (website and magazine):

  • Presentation of firms’ capacity;
  • Presentation of firms’ key projects and works;
  • Presentation of solutions and technologies currently applied and promoted by firms;
  • Usage of digital map for firms’ concluded and currently on-going projects.
3. Promotion of firms’ products on the VACC's information system (website and magazine):

  • Presentation of characteristics and selling-points of firms’ products;
  • Presentation of key projects and works;
  • Usage of digital map for firms’ projects and works.

4. Provision of the magazine “Contractors and Construction Market” upon subscription or request:

  • 100 copies for the Corporation, and 10 copies for each of its sub-ordinate agencies per issue;
  • Magazine delivered to every member;
  • Magazine for firms’ business partners and clients (upon request).

5. Consultancy for firms’ participation in exhibition, workshops related to construction industry:

  • Announcement of all events related to construction industry, which take place in Vietnam, in regions and worldwide with specific issues at enterprises’ choice;
  • Support to working meetings with foreign porters inside Vietnam and abroad;
  • Support to registration process and consultancy for communication work, PR, presentation in events related to construction industry in Vietnam, regions and worldwide;
  • Provision of interpretation, translation, secretary service at meetings and negotiation rounds.

6. Production of TVC and 3D video to introduce firms’ capacity and new projects:

  • Video and 3D pictures production to present firms’ capacity and new projects;
  • TVC production for television advertisements or for traditional systems;
  • Vietnamese dub, English subtitle for video 3D, and vice versa.

7. Consultancy, publication and high quality documents design and printing for external affairs and for sales:

  • Upon request for every project;
  • In different languages (Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, German, and South Korean).

8. Consultancy for achieving certificates for contractors at global and regional levels:

  • Approach to ASEAN Construction Federation (ACF) to reach the agreement on regional standard’ criteria; approach international associations/organization and international certificates;
  • Consultancy for firms’ dossiers and necessary document preparation;
  • Organization of working meetings between firms and ACF leaders;
  • Formulation and projection of communication campaign for the whole process.

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