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Company name: SIVACO COMPANY
2.Address: 11 Tan Thoi Nhat, 12 Dist, HCM city
3.Phone: +84 8 592 2587
4.Fax: 08. 592 2589
5.Website:Click Here
6.Email: atha.asia@gmail.com

Dear Customers!


SIVACO was established in 2002, is specialized in manufacturing, construction and installation of waste collection system buildings, condominiums, office buildings, according to the Australian technology, response correctly according Vietnam construction standard of the building up.

Garbage collection system is used effectively, reducing investment cost and utility for the user.

Remarkable feature of the garbage collection system of SIVACO is by design modern style and invention of the main waste pipe by Composit: Anti-acid-alkali, anti-mold crab, not oxidized and durability on 50 years, light pipes, reduce work load for, fireproof 65 minutes, which cost cheaper.

Supplies components for a complete work:

    The main floor consists of:

- Store garbage and rubber sheets to prevent odor.

- Waste disposal Composite Pipe D: 585mm, thickness 5-6mm, fireproof 65 minutes, anti-moss mold, resistant to acid-alkali durability over 50 years.

- Belt holding bearing tube D: 585mm, 3mm thick, 80mm wide.

    Roof consists of:

- Exhaust gas 1/4hp/220v/380 run 24/24

- Painted steel rain caps

- Exhaust Pipe D: 300mm smooth on the outside.

    Ground floor consists of:

- Carrying out garbage, steel 4mm, D: 585mm, height 1500mm tray, Epoxy coating.

The counter weight system.

- The water supply pipes and sprinkler system pipe cleaning.

A number represents that SIVACO works at Unit Design, Owner, Project Manager, the Contractor quality evaluation, quality control, quality measurement at the center of Vietnam.

    Combining apartment COPAC (24 floors)
    Apartment A View - per district (21-storey)
    Thoi An Apartment - District 12 (4 block 7 floors, 4 cyclone 9)
    An Binh apartment (22 floors)
    KTX focus Dalat (12 floors)
    Apartment 51 Lot F - Q. 8 (10-storey)

SIVACO commitment to product quality is always the best standard, cost is always cheaper than other similar products on the market.

We are looking forward to the cooperation of our customers.

Best regards.


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