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Company name: Viet Nam Investment Promoting Technics Construction Joint Stock Company
2.Address: A 106 Xuan Dinh, Tu Liem Dist, Hanoi, Vietnam
3.Phone: +84 4 3750 0999
4.Fax: +84 4 3750 1001
5.Website:Click Here
6.Email: techconvina@techconvina.com

Capital:90 billionVND
Business RegistrationCertificateNo.:0103006547of the Department ofPlanningand Investment ofHanoiestablishedin 2005on20May01.

Historyand DevelopmentCompanyInvestmentDevelopmentand ConstructionIndustriesVietnamwas establishedin 2005.

Sinceits establishment, the companyhiredmoretechniciansandconstructionworkersweremorecomplexprojectsAandBgroupsin theHanoi areaandnationwide.The companyhas built acollectiveteam ofyoung staffknowledge anda commonmotto"Cooperation andDevelopment."

The companyhas madecontractswithlargeandcomplex requirementsof technicaland artisticworksas well asstrictconstruction scheduleandspecialprojectsthatindustrialgeneral contractorforthe Companyinvestors inTaiwan, Korea, Chinaand Japan.

Techconvinapotentialofferedsolidinfrastructure,ateam ofemployeesreach the level oftechnical expertise, high professional standards,andmanagementexperienceto organize the constructionoflarge projects.

Throughpractical manufacturingbusiness, the companyhascontinuedto expandbusinessscale.The company hasopeneda branch inHoChiMinhCityandits subsidiaries:

Company -thesmartsolution-TechconvinaSmarthomeCo.,Ltd;
-Technical ServicesCo.,comprehensive carefactory-FactoryTechconvinaCareCo.,Ltd;
-Commercialshippingcompanies-TechconvinaTradingandLogisticsCO., LTD.
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