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Company name: Hung Vuong Telecom Development Co., Ltd.
2.Address: 251C2- TTHV Buu Chinh Vien Thong1, Mo Lao Ward, Ha Dong, Ha Noi
3.Phone: +84 4 854 5377
5.Website:Click Here
6.Email: vienthonghungvuong@gmail.com

Telecom Development Co., Ltd. Hung Vuong

license no : 0302001842

Issuer: The Department of Planning and Investment (DPI). Hanoi

Date of issue: 09-02-2007

The company was founded with the name Telecom Development Co., Ltd. Hung Vuong. Over the years non-stop growth and development, the company has gradually built construction and installation team, sales team Telecommunications equipment and supplies industry with the growing sales, building its reputation on market.

Main business lines:

1. Construction works, work items: postal, telecommunications, information technology and civil engineering, industrial, transportation, irrigation, electricity ... in accordance with the law;

2. Manufacture and sale of construction materials and other materials for the operation of the enterprise and civil needs;

3. Installation of equipment for the electrical, electronic, ventilation air conditioning and water supply; works information signal rail, road, air or sea;

4. Finishing, interior and exterior of the building;

5. Preparing the ground for construction: leveling, contact the board, foundation construction and infrastructure: roads, bridges, harbors, dams, transmission lines and transformer stations;

6. Installation of internal information systems, fire alarm systems, camera, sound, lightning, radio and television;

7. Export and import of goods

8. Manufacturing, erection, repair, maintenance of a high column, postage equipment, telecommunications, information technology and other equipment of the station, the post office;

9. Consulting, design, investment project of post and telecommunications;

10. Purchase of materials, equipment, construction machinery, equipment and furniture, telecommunication cable, power cables and other items;

11. Import and export trading of supplies, materials, machinery and equipment, electronic accessories, computer science;

12. Purchase, sale, exploitation postal services, telecommunications, and other technical services industries ...

Telecom Development Co., Ltd. Hung Vuong has been investors appreciate the technical experience, good quality construction and installation work, to meet the construction schedule, the settlement quickly. The system provides supplies and equipment ensures technical quality, competitive price, timely supply of time to ensure progress. Attitude of service staff, company employees always praised: Enthusiastic, dedicated and responsible!

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