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Company name: Dai Duong Co.Ltd.
2.Address: 116, No 1 Road, Mekong Riverside urban area, 6 Ward, Tan An, Long An
3.Phone: +84 72 382 4671
4.Fax: +84 72 382 4671
5.Website:Click Here
6.Email: dntndaiduong@yahoo.com.vn

Dai Duong Co., Ltd.was formerly known as a private business Dai Duong  , with the business sector are many, many world known for along time in Tan An City and Long An provinces such as: construction, trading of building materials, products agricultural products..

Beginning in 2000, the founder and head of the company Dai Duong today, Mr.Nguyen Hoang Dong was aware of the role and the urgency of improving the quality of life of people Tp.Tan An Long An inparticular and people in general.

With more than 10years of development, along with their own acumen and enthusiasm, concern about the development of the land of his birth to his East Ocean and the company's efforts and commitment to project implementation Mekong Riverside in the hope that the first brick with a hand, to contribute to the leadership and people of LongAn to build one of TanAn urban sustainability, modern.

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