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Company name: Nam Son Construction Company Limited
2.Address: Block B9, Tang Thiet Giap Complex, Cong Vi, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
3.Phone: +84 4 3761 0955
4.Fax: +84 4 3761 0761
5.Website:Click Here
6.Email: luongtruongson2008@gmail.com

First joint-stock high-tech Japan Vietnam to send you the most important greeting


As a leading company in manufacture and application of new technology products in the construction industry mainly as:

- Construction of residential, industrial, interior and exterior luxury.

- Production, constructed super light earthquake in Japan in 3D

- Production and test equipment using digital laser technology in the construction industry

- Production of paint and waterproofing materials, decorative materials furnished

In the Paint and waterproofing material is a Wap-Spamo our strengths: Son against heat - waterproof cement mixer Son - Son waterproof multi-dimensional super stretchy colored decoration - stone granite Son (Son of natural stone course) - alkali resistant Son - Son super ball - Mastit interior and exterior, additives for surface Mastit thin ...


With 15,000 m2 scale plant in Hung Yen Industrial Zone & 40.000m2 in Long Thanh Industrial Zone, invested $ 2 million for technology transfer from advanced countries in the world. With a team of engineers, and other leading experts in the field. In order to eliminate weaknesses in the conventional products, more advanced features of the Vietnamese modern science to develop new products. The goal brought a new generation of products to customers with lowest cost, reduce intermediary costs, to avoid counterfeit goods of inferior quality. Over 400 professional counselors in Paints and waterproofing materials Wap-Spamo help customers and contractors in Vietnam using the product meets the highest standards of support services.


With those advantages of JSC Vietnam-Japan high-tech honored clients in major cities, associations Vietnam contractors, Architects credibility.


Introduction and commitment, we hope you will meet the increasing demands and fastidious consumers.

                                Please warmest regards!
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