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Company name: Dong Tam Joint Stock Company
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Ladies and gentlemen,

2011 just go through with the change, evolution is not as expected for the operation of enterprises in Vietnam. The crisis of the global financial economy has led to a series of implications for the regional and national economy: high inflation index, monetary policy, fiscal tightening, interest rate the highest increase in the last time ...

Implementation of resolutions of the General Meeting of Shareholders of Dong Tam Group, the Board of Directors and Executive Committee efforts deployed, adjust the investment plans and production business, a lot of programs to match actions practical situation: active extension of the implementation of the project, production stability and priority to ensure the lives of workers ... Moreover, during the year, the company has several times adjusted earnings increase for staff to settle (meal allowance meals, snacks, money for gasoline, etc.), adjust the minimum wage ensure the standard of living of workers on regional

From 10/2011, Dong Tam Group has standardized step by step system brand identity with new images and new dynamic action with the motto "For a beautiful life."

Expected first quarter and 2/2012, will also face many difficulties, we hope you 3.4 / 2012 with the recovery of the world economy, along with the adjustment of the macro policy model operating in the domestic economy of the Government. Accordingly, the internal forces of Dong Tam also have to develop a strategy to withstand and overcome the crisis. That is, standardized operating system business, building new functional diagram; impart energy to nearly 3,500 officials and employees spirit "Dong Tam every employee is a commercial counselor"; search market, taking market demand, customer satisfaction principle for production and business activities.

On the occasion of Spring, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Executive Board and officers and employees of Dong Tam Group, I would like to thank the leaders of the central government and local groups associations, the professions, shareholders, customers, suppliers trust, companionship, cooperation with Dong Tam Group in the past year.

Would like to acknowledge and thank the stick, the collective efforts of officials and employees of Dong Tam Group active throughout its journey in 2011. Spirit to overcome all challenges, welcome the opportunity, Dong Tam Collective Group and handshakes determination to complete production and business plan 2012.

We wish you health, happiness and success in the new year.


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