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Company name: Industrial Construction Company in Hanoi
2.Address: 193 Hong Mai St, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
3.Phone: +84 4 3636 8987
4.Fax: +84 4 3636 9009
5.Website:Click Here
6.Email: vinicgroup@vnn.vn

Construction Industrial Co., Ltd. and Vietnam (VINIC) established under the Business Registration Certificate No. 0102029822 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi on 01 May 02, 2007. Headquartered in of 193 Hong Mai, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi. Trading Office at 471 Taurus Street, Hai Ba Trung District, Ha noi.Cong VINIC business we specialize in the following products:

    1. Force pump
     2. Air Conditioner
     3. Industrial Valves

VINIC confident we can meet the diverse and specific needs of customers due to its advantages:

1. The device: VINIC currently is the exclusive distributor of the company's reputation as:
    - Standard Pump: It SAER Elettropompe SpA - Italy
    - Air: FERROLI firm SpA - Italy
    - Industrial Valves: Manufacturer G7
2. Advisory Solutions: VINIC combination of modern technology and foreign experts to advise the solution to work.

3. Technical services: The engineers VINIC had over 20 years of experience will help customers install and maintain equipment.

VINIC we will be happy to serve customers.



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