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Company name: Rural Development and Agriculture Construction Corporation
2.Address: No 68 Truong Chinh, Dong Da District, Ha Noi, Viet Nam
3.Phone: +84 4 3786 5423
4.Fax: +84 4 3786 5423
5.Website:Click Here
6.Email: info@vinacco.vn

2. Address of head office: 68 Truong Chinh Street, Dong Da, Hanoi
       - Tel: 04.38693992, 04.38696055 Fax: 04.36893689
       - Email: vinacco@viettel.com.vn Website: vinacco.vn
       - Account: 1500311.000119 in Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, Hanoi
3. Year of Establishment:
 - Decision on the establishment of 1853NN-TCCB/QD November 1, 1996 by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development signed. Convert operating model mother company in decision No. 378/QD-BNN-DMDN 8 January 2, 2007 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development signed. Decided to move the parent company General construction company of agricultural and rural development into a limited liability company a No. 1502/QD-BNN-DMDN member 04/06/2012 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development village sign.
- Business registration number: 0100104267 by the Department of Business Registration No. 2 - Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi for the first time on 28.06.2010.
4. Charter capital: 109.433.000.000d
5. The main business areas
No. Name of industry
1 Construction of housing types
2 Construction of civil engineering works; industrial; agriculture and rural development; traffic; irrigation;-voltage transmission lines and substations of 35KV or less.
3 Construction of public works
4 Demolition and site preparation; leveling, the field generated
5 Installation of electrical systems, water supply systems and other construction installation
6 To complete construction
7 Activity knowledge and related technical consultancy:
- Consult land-use planning; survey services, surveying and mapping; mapping and spatial information;
- Consult the implementation of projects related to electrical and electronic engineering; open exchange technology, industrial engineering, water management projects;
- Procurement Consultant (not including contractor selection consultancy, valuation package)
- Management consulting project construction (only works when there is enough capacity conditions as prescribed by law).
- Consultancy and planning civil construction, industrial, transportation, irrigation;
- Architectural design, civil engineering structures, industrial, transportation, irrigation; electrical design of civil, industrial, electrical infrastructure design; drainage design; Survey of works
8 Real Estate include:
+ Investment in the creation of houses, buildings for sale, lease, lease-purchase;
+ Buy a home, building for sale, lease, lease-purchase;
+ Rent a house or building for sublease;
+ Investment, investment land reclamation and infrastructure works on leased land for lease with infrastructure;
+ Check-transferable right to use the land for investment in infrastructure to transfer, lease, lease of land use rights lease infrastructure.
9 Production of building materials from clay
10 Quarrying of stone, sand, gravel, clay
11 Manufacture of cement, lime and plaster; manufacturing concrete products and cement and plaster
12 Production of iron. Steel, cast iron
13 Other specialized construction activities
14 for clothing; clothing of all kinds; manufacturing knitted clothes; knitting machinery
15 Mechanical processing; handle and metal coating; production of other metal products
16 Manufacture of metal structures
17 Manufacture of engines and turbines; Manufacture of pumps, compressors, taps and valves;
Manufacture of bearings, gears, gear boxes, transmission and control parts; Manufacture of lifting and handling equipment
18 Manufacture of agricultural and forestry
19 Manufacture of machinery and metal forming machine tools; another dedicated machine
20 Manufacture of motors, generators, transformers, electric distribution and control equipment
21 Wholesaling materials, equipment to be installed in the building
22 Wholesale of machinery, equipment and spare parts for agricultural
23 Wholesale of machinery, equipment and spare parts, such as: Industrial production, a mining contracting, construction machines, tools, machinery and office equipment and machinery used in the trade and services
24 wholesale rice, food, beverages and tobacco products
25 Dealers selling cars, motorcycles and other motor
26 Wholesale of electrical appliances, electric lamps and lighting fittings
27 Production and sale of beds, wardrobes, tables, chairs and similar furniture
28 Manufacture of wood construction
29 Wholesale audio-visual equipment, electronic devices and components telecommunications
30 Wholesale fabrics, textiles, garments, leather goods, fur, footwear, leather and leather products
31 Wholesale trade of agricultural products, forest products, and marine products
32 Milling, pulp, starch and starch products
33 wholesale of fertilizers and agrochemical products
34 Wholesale of other chemicals (other than those used in agriculture)
35 Dealers buy, sell goods on consignment
36 Renting of machinery and equipment and other tangible items
37 Rental of motor vehicles
38 educational careers: Training and technical workers (active only after the competent State agency allowed)
39 Activities of the center, counseling agency, referrals and labor brokers, employment (including introduction, selection and supply of human resources for businesses with labor export function)
40 Provision of management and labor in the country (not including introduction, selection and supply of human resources for businesses with labor export function)
41 Provision of management and labor to work abroad (active under some 103/LDTBXH license ngay14/4/2008 MOLISA) (Exclusive of introduction, selection and supply of manpower for the enterprises with labor export function)
42 Business hotel service (not including bars, karaoke room, disco)
43 travel Business travel; transport tourists; other travel services
44 Other support service activities related to transport; consignor; arrange or organize activities rail, road, sea or air; Delivery of goods; receiving and transmitting documents transport and bills of lading; Agent customs procedures; Freight of goods by sea and air; ships and aircraft lease brokerage; Packing freight, unloading, sampling, weight of goods
45 Freight transport by car
46 Passenger road under the contract (other than transportation by bus)
47 Loading and unloading of goods
48 Warehousing and storage of goods
* Import and Export of goods by manufacturing and trading company


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