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I. Period 1990 - 1992

General Company of Construction Investment and Development (formerly the Lodging Building) is the Ministry of Construction established May 26, 1990. With the demand function for rest and nursing staff to the construction industry, and tourism business combinations - the resort for visitors from home and abroad. Mr. Nguyen Thien Tuan was appointed to the Ministry of Construction Director of Construction Lodging, is headquartered in the two Thuy Van - Vung Tau (currently known as 169 Thuy Van Vung Tau).

Tháng 7 / 1990 Recipient of handing over the house, situated in a prime location-Thuy Van beach in Vung Tau, with 120 rooms total value of fixed assets 8.2 billion, in terms equipment not uniform interior and landscape, the management team and operate the fledgling tourism industry services. But with dedication and determination of the children who came from the construction industry, both units have held steady ddinh professional training cycle ddao serves the best needs to rest for the delegation.

Also during this time leaders Lodging business expansion construction materials - oil, mainly for construction needs in ddia methods and create additional revenue for capital accumulation units, this can be considered is the boot for the trades of diversified corporations.

The resulting data on production and business activities 1991-1992.

The beginning and the positive dynamic, unit plans total output value 13 billion, 16 billion, 20 billion for the years 1993,1994,1995, directions and development units are also identified: Priority for intensive investment in tourism sector, by using the accumulated funds and bank loans, upgrade and upgrade equipment rooms, create additional landscape services and support recreational serve and attract tourists. Together with intensive investment in investment units active width: Supply of construction materials, paying attention to the supply of advanced materials for the construction market in the locality. A Vung Tau city children the newly created. During the renovation, shall develop Construction - Joint Venture - Construction Consultant - Investment projects have been interested in building leadership and attracting forces personnel.

II. Period 1993 to 2000.

From the effective operation and service business, Lodging Building Vung Tau is the Ministry of Construction issued Decision No. 564/BXD-TCLD Move On 23/11/1992 dock construction Lodging Company Top construction and tourism services (TIIC).

This is a formal transition from mono to multi-business industries. Service Tourism Business and building materials production; Export-Import; Investment Project Development; Construction; Construction of Water-Electric motor; estate business. . .

During this time the Construction Enterprise: No. 1, No. 2, No. 4, Enterprise Business Development land, construction of mechanized factory utilities, factory production and trading of construction materials, the Management projects and projects: Villa Area No. 2 (JV), renovate and upgrade the hotel Thuy Van, the investment preparation project in Chi Linh, Keenle Works, Works Galaxy, Works Le Hong Phong extended, the adjacent area Truong Cong Dinh. . . has quickly established a stable and mature work.

Especially in December 12/1996 Area construction project management units spiritual Vung Tau Chi Center was formally established, implementation of the new urban development is the largest of BR-VT province by the Prime Minister for approval (as determined 907/TTg dated 30/10/1996) with an area of ​​100 ha, total investment worth 832 billion, this is a modern urban uniform model advanced in the country regional and international levels.

The strong development of unit construction, production and business, project management has confirmed a nascent force yet, but hardened and matured in the marketplace, the sensitivity of leaders to seize as proof of the development strategy of the company was justified, to ensure long-term company growth and sustainability.

With the achievements in 10 years of building and growing, collective TIIC and director Nguyen Thien Tuan State President awarded Labour Order, first class three, marking a milestone in the process of overcoming difficulties and adult city, contributed to the local and Construction Industry participants "build more decent country, to better."

 III.Giai period 2001 to 2002.

After 10 years of building and growing companies as an investor has multiple projects with total investment of thousands of billion VND, a wide range of industries: Investment Project, Construction, construction materials production, open mineral extraction, design consultants, import, export, trade, real estate and tourism. . . Also during this time and in implementing the reorganization and restructuring of state enterprises by the Government, the unit was renamed INVESTMENT COMPANY - CONSTRUCTION (DIC).

IV. Period 2003 to 2008.

With the always dynamic leader in the innovation business, government DIC was selected one of the first unit of the Ministry of Construction activities pilot parent company subsidiary.

A new challenge begins; DIC arrangement - reorganize the management forces and produce new business model is selected in accordance with reality. Organize training and retraining of human resources, modernization of equipment and the manufacturing and construction and installation. The subsidiary was established, the parent company made plans in the short and long term development strategy of the whole DIC Group. Operating areas of the DIC expanded domestic and foreign.

The equitization of DIC is focused deployment as planned, late in 2008 has completed the share of the total DIC. The units after equitization more new dynamic, active capital, expand operations, increase economic efficiency.

The domestic and foreign partners to cooperate with DIC rejoice in the fields of design consultancy; The secondary investment; financial investors - banks. . . always stand with DIC create synergy, can consider this period DIC proud and rub shoulders with large corporations in the construction sector in Vietnam.

With 35 units of the DIC Group operates in many fields stretching across the nation, with the determination of leaders and the entire DIC CBCNVC highest intellectual focus - Supplies power to become a strong group.

The awards and honors for DIC from 2000 to 2008:

Collective Labor Medal First Second Third, the government awarded three flags emulation of merit from the Government 01, 06 emulation flag from the Ministry of Construction, 01 Merit Confederation of Labour of Vietnam, 06 emulation flag of Vietnam Construction Union.

Individuals: 02 soldiers ddua national competition, many industry-level emulation soldiers, many of merit of ministries, provincial People's Committee, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam, Vietnam Construction Industry ddoan Confederation Vietnamese labor; 15 Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister, 8 TB ddong Medal Third Class, 01 Second Class Medal ddong workers and many other recognition awards.

VI. Period 2009 to present.

With great ambition and determination to build human DIC ongoing development, regardless of the level of confidence from the center - The Local, The Enterprise, and DIC are striving to become perfect English units Hero in the renovation period.
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