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Company name: Vietnam Construction and Import-Export Joint Stock Corporation
2.Address: 34 Lang Ha St, Dong Da District, Ha Noi City, Viet Nam
3.Phone: +84 4 6284 9234
4.Fax: +84 4 6284 9208
5.Website:Click Here
6.Email: vinaconex@fpt.vn

Import and Export Corporation Building Vietnam confirmed reputation and product quality

Over 18 years of development and growth, far VINACONEX has become a multi-business corporation leading in the construction industry, with key features are: Real Estate Sales, Construction, Consulting - set Design - Survey planning, business import export equipment, materials for construction and other economic sectors, industrial production and construction materials, exports and labor experts abroad, and in particular the investment in the sector of prime importance to the restructuring and expansion of production and business, striving to become a powerful economic group in the country.

Founded on 27.09.1988, the Corporation of Vietnam Construction Import-Export (VINACONEX), formerly the company and building services abroad, is responsible for personnel management, construction workers working in Bulgaria, Russia, Czechoslovakia, USSR, Iraq. At the time of establishment, VINACONEX no capital, only two old truck and head office of a unit borrowed board. Occurred in 1990 due to Gulf war and the fact that the Republic of socialist Eastern Europe and former Soviet Union disintegrated, under the direction of the Party and Government, held VINACONEX quickly withdraw all forces, including CBCN over 13,000 from many countries of Vietnam and this force has become an enormous pressure for the Construction Industry and VINACONEX lack of jobs.

On 20/11/1995, as authorized by the Prime Minister, the Minister has decided to string up some 992/BXD-TCLD on the establishment of the Construction Import & Export Corporation of Vietnam (VINACONEX) model Corporations with 90 functions, duties, authority and a broader range of activities. Accordingly, the Corporation is the reception building for a construction company under the Ministry of affiliated corporations.

Unlike the other units under the Ministry of Construction, ever since its establishment, VINACONEX is a corporation identified business motto VINACONEX multidisciplinary and now has become one of the multi-business corporations of Construction of the first function is the construction and installation of civil, industrial, infrastructure, water supply and the environment ..., import and export of machinery, equipment and materials for construction industry and other economic sectors; sending laborers to work for a period abroad and investments in the manufacturing sector construction and other economic sectors; sending laborers to work overseas for a definite time and investment in such sectors as construction material production, urban areas, industrial parks, power projects, water ...
Corporation has more than 70 units of attached units operating in all parts of the country with a staff of more than 40,000 workers, engineers, professionals and workers, including many who have been trained and in foreign countries, have in-depth knowledge and experience. During operation, VINACONEX always respected and determine credibility with customers is an important factor leading. To date, VINACONEX has established reputation and its brand on the market, the domestic and foreign customers to respect, appreciate, for faith to establish business cooperation in the field areas of mutual interest.

Company Leadership:
1. Chairman Nguyen Van Tuan
Telephone (fixed and mobile (if any)):
2. Board Member - General Manager: Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phuong
Telephone (fixed and mobile (if any)):
3. Deputy General Director - Chairman UBKR Party - Vice President of Group:
Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Diep
Telephone (fixed and mobile (if any)):
4. Deputy General Manager (in charge of finance - accounting): Nguyen Dinh Thiet
Telephone (fixed and mobile (if any)):
5. Deputy General Manager: Mr. Wang of San
Telephone (fixed and mobile (if any)):
6. Deputy General Director: Mr. Vu Quy Ha
Telephone (fixed and mobile (if any)):
7. Deputy General Director: Mr. Nguyen Huy Tuong
Telephone (fixed and mobile (if any)):
8. Deputy General Manager - Deputy Party Secretary: Mr. Doan Chau Phong
Telephone (fixed and mobile (if any)):
9. _ Deputy Party Secretary of the Trade Union Chairman: Mr. Hoang The Trade
Telephone (fixed and mobile (if any)):
10. Chief of Party: Mr. Do Thanh In
Telephone (fixed and mobile (if any)):
11. Office of the Corporation: Mr. Pham Chi Son
Telephone (fixed and mobile (if any)):
12. Chief Accountant: Nguyen Quoc Hoa
Telephone (fixed and mobile (if any)):
13. Head of Supervisory Board: Mr. Dang Thanh Huan

Capital: 3,000 billion (end 2010 data)
Total production value in 2010: 28,731.9 billion VND
Turnover in 2010: 22,694.2 billion VND
                           2009: 19,054.7 billion VND
                           2008: 9,900 billion VND
Profit in 2010: Profit before taxes: 918.8 billion USD
                           2009: Profit before tax: U.S. $ 1049.45 billion
                           2008: Profit before tax: U.S. $ 660 billion
The total number of officers and employees: N / A
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